Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tennessee, Jackson County

1806 Thos. Simpson and James Simpson among others signed a petition. The county wasn’t identified but the signers appeared to be residents of Jackson County. (Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee)

1806 James Simpson, Thomas Simpson Sen., John Simpson, identified as citizens of the extension of Jackson Counnty signed a petition to create a new county (Overton County?)

1809 Aug. 23 James Simpson, 70 acres (Grant #1513, Bk. C p. 38)

1813 Apr. 19 James Simpson, 20 acres, Grant #4661 Bk. I, p. 456)

1835 September 23 Testimony in court regarding residents of Abington, Washington Co., Virginia stated that George Simpson landed at Newcastle, Delaware in July 1788, that George Simpson of Jackson Co., TN and other residents of Abington were born in County Tyrone, Parish Dunacary, in or about 6 miles of Omak, the shire town, Ireland. He was the son of John and Betsey (Buchanan) Simpson. Betsy’s sister married James Carson Sr.. (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)