Friday, June 25, 2010

John W Simpson & the Cherokees

I am posting this query on behalf of Phyllis Simpson Bishop.
I have hit a brick wall on John W Simpson B. 1803 NC then moved to WV. d. 1888. His father was born in Ireland and nothing on his mother.
Have you heard of anything in your research about a Simpson boy being kidnapped by renegade Cherokees?
This is the story I have ran across more than once about John W. He was involved in hiding Cherokees during the time of Trail of Tears.

He married Rhoda Webb 1850 she was B. abt 1813 VA and D. abt 1875 VA. Her mother was Redflower Native American B. 1790 Wyoming Co VA and D. abt 1816 VA and M. George Webb abt 1812 VA.this is all I can find about her.(WYoming Co., Virginia was later in West Virginia.)

The Webb history has be well searched and there is a book on the Webbs. Years of searching and am still blocked.

Please post responses in the comments section below and Phyllis will check back. Thank you.