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One Gilbert Simpson Lineage - Related to Reuben Simpson

Note: James Talmadge Simpson provided his lineage below. Jim tested in the R2 haplotype, a unique DNA signature for descendants of Richard Simpson who died ca 1711 in old Baltimore Co., Maryland. We also have a match to a John Simpson of England. Jim's DNA results show that he is probably related to the Reuben Simpson branch of the extended Simpson family.

Descendants of Gilbert Simpson (??)

Generation No. 1

    Children of GILBERT SIMPSON I (??) are:
2.    i.    GILBERT2 SIMPSON, d. November 03, 1813, Tallahassee, Florida.
3.    ii.    RICE SIMPSON, b. 1775, North Carolina; d. 1847, Franklin County Tennessee.
4.    iii.    WILLIAM SIMPSON, b. 1780-1790, South Carolina; d. 1830-1840, Richland, Yazoo County, Mississippi, later Homes County.
5.    iv.    MALACHI SIMPSON, b. April 05, 1785, South Carolina; d. March 1850, Lawrence County, Arkansas.

Generation No. 2

2.  GILBERT2 SIMPSON (GILBERT1) died November 03, 1813 in Tallahassee, Florida.  He married SUSANNAH ZIMMERMAN February 03, 1803 in Alexandria County,  Washington, D.C..

1812 census shows 2 Gilbert Simpsons in Rutherford County Tennessee.  One was over 45 living by himself (probably not our Gilbert but probably related.  The other Gilbert Simpson was listed with 1 male 26-45 (probably our Gilbert), 1 male 10 or under.  2 females 10 or under and 1 female 26-46 (probably wife).

    i.    LUERANA3 SIMPSON, b. 1803.
    ii.    JOHN SIMPSON, b. 1804.
    iii.    POLLY SIMPSON, b. 1806.
    iv.    NANCY SIMPSON, b. 1810.
    v.    MILLY SIMPSON, b. February 21, 1813; d. 1818.

3.  RICE2 SIMPSON (GILBERT1) was born 1775 in North Carolina, and died 1847 in Franklin County Tennessee.  He married RACHAEL WILLIAMS February 07, 1800 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, daughter of ISAAC WILLIAMS.

According to Franklin County Tennessee land records, Rice Simpson was to have possessed "much land and Property". 

Rice Simpson's will provided the following information:

Wife Rachael:  personal, negroes, and land.
Youngest Son, A. I. Simpson:  land after paying L.N. and Thomas (maybe Rice's father) Simpson $2.00 each.
Daughter, Polly Lassater, wife of Johnathan Lasater
Daughter, ?? Bobo:  Samuel Bobo's wife.
Daughter, Neoma Rogers:  Walton Rogers' wife.
Son, A. J. Simpson, one negro girl.
Syrena Foreman, Wife of George Forman, one negro girl.  (Syrena is believed to be Rice's sister.
L. N. Simpson and A. O. Simpson, my beloved son Executors ???
Witness:  K.H. Buford, Joseph Cooper, A. J. Simpson
State of Tennessee, County Court August 2, 1847.
Rice (X) Simpson

Book on family of Rice Simpson "Decendents of Rice and Rachael Simpson of Franklin (Winchester) and Moore (Lynchburg) Counties Tennessee" by Ethel Nermin Miner, P. O. Box 17569, Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268.  Avaliable in Lynchbury Public Library, (Dir. Sara Hope) Lynchburg, Tennessee, P. O. Box 602 Lynchburg, TN  37352 (615-455-6127) Reference # 929.273.  1990?? Note on book from Nancy Simpson 615-455-6127.

The earliest extant record found to date for Rice Simpson is located in Miscellaneous Records of Jackson County , Georgia, Maddox, page 31.  This entry reads "Charles Dougherty, Esquire, Sheriff, allowed $72.30 for sundry expenses of Wm. Hodge, a prisoner who was executed.  The guards to be allowed the sums annexed to their names as follows:  Robert Tucker $3.75.  James McMillen $4.50.  Anderson Foster $14.25.  Rice Simpson $14.25. Thos. Kelough $14.25.  James Stewart allowed $10.35 for boarding the guards over Wm. Hodge, a prisoner.  David Ray, a witness against William Hodge allowed $4.50.

The Clarke County, Georgia 1810 Tax List shows Rice in Captain Sheperd's District, Area of Grig's Shoals, Bruch, Beaverdam Creeks and County Line, as Price Simpson, Clarke, 103/9 wilkinson.

Rice Simpson first appeared in Tennessee about 1818.  A deed recorded in Franklin county, Tennessee, 22 Oct 1818 shows Rice Simpson and Aaron Cornelius of Lincloln County, Tennessee.  Paid $400 for land in Lincoln county on north branch of the Elk River.  34 acres being the survey granted to George Parks by the State of Tennessee containing 13 acres near Parks and Widow Phillips.  witness:  Josiah Parker and Malachi Simpson.

A Georgia State Archives record shows that Rice Simpson enlisted in the 3rd Regiment (Few's) Georgia Militia, War of 1812 at Clarke County.  He served six months stationed at Camp Covington.

Rice Simpson's grave was moved from TVA property in Franklin county in 1970.  TVA project # 75.  Relocated to Clemmons Cemetery 14-24.

TVA cemetery relocation records indicates that Rachael Williams Simpson died in 1852.  Her grave was probably moved ot Clemmons cemetery in 1970 with Rice Simpson's grave.  TVA project # 75.

    Children of RICE SIMPSON and RACHAEL WILLIAMS are:
6.    i.    LITTLETON GILBERT3 SIMPSON, b. 1804, Georgia; d. 1850.
7.    ii.    WILLIAM D. SIMPSON, b. 1805, Georgia; d. Aft. 1880.
8.    iii.    MALAKAI JACKSON "JACK" SIMPSON, b. 1806, Georgia; d. Smithville in Lawrence County, Arkansas.
9.    iv.    POLLY SIMPSON, b. 1809, Georgia; d. 1847-1850.
10.    v.    THOMAS E. SIMPSON, b. 1811; d. August 05, 1867.
11.    vi.    CYRENNEUS "SIMME" R. SIMPSON, b. December 31, 1818, Tennessee; d. January 29, 1892, Moore County Tennessee.
12.    vii.    NEOMA SIMPSON, b. October 11, 1819, Tennessee; d. August 13, 1893, Franklin County Tennessee.
13.    viii.    L. N. SIMPSON, b. September 22, 1821, Tennessee; d. 1862.
14.    ix.    ALLEN J. SIMPSON, b. June 11, 1825, Tennessee; d. March 06, 1894, Wise County, Texas.

4.  WILLIAM2 SIMPSON (GILBERT1) was born 1780-1790 in South Carolina, and died 1830-1840 in Richland, Yazoo County, Mississippi, later Homes County.

Family legend suggests that William Simpson's wife hung herself in the barn.  She was supposedly tired of traveling.

1810 census has a William Simpson in Rutherford County.  Shows 1 male between 26-45 (probably William), 1 male 10 or under.  2 females 10 or under and 1 female 26-45 (probably wife).  May be our William???

(I have been told by a professional genealogist (from NC that I hired several years ago)  that the following information  about the war of 1812  is incorrect.  This information is correct on a William Simpson in the area, but I was told it was not my William) Fought in the War of 1812 from Tennessee Archives Records.  Enlisted September 24, 1813 to December 22, 1813 as a private.  Captain Thomas Yardley's Co. of Tenn. Mounted gunman , 2nd Regiment, Commanded by Col Newton Cannon.

William's pay in the war of 1812 was $8.00 per month, and his horse was allowed $12.00 per month with allowance for subsistence.  William was discharged in 1814, Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co.  Tennessee.  William's Simpson's attorney was trying to recover from Joseph Coleman, District paymaster for the State of Tenn. all such sums of money, debts, and demands which were due and owing to William Simpson.  Dated 20 May 1815, Rutherford County Tenn.

(This information is correct) 1830 census shows a William Simpson in Yazoo County Mississippi.  Family consist of 8 males: 3, 5-10 years; 3 15-20 years; 1 40-50 years.  2 females:  1 10-15; 1 40-50.

William Simpson, in 1817, is mentioned in connection with Blue Springs and Hickory Creek Baptist Churches.  This church fell in Coffee County Tennessee in 1836 when Coffee County was formed from Franklin, Warren, and Bedford counties.

    Children of WILLIAM SIMPSON are:
    i.    JAMES R.3 SIMPSON, b. Tennessee.
    ii.    JOHN RICE SIMPSON, b. 1809, Rutherford County, Tennessee; m. SOMANTHA BAKER.


15.    iii.    MARY PAULINE "POLLY" SIMPSON, b. 1811, Tennessee; d. Aft. 1880, Leake County, Mississippi.
16.    iv.    WILLIAM SIMPSON, b. September 27, 1813, Rutherford County, Tennessee; d. April 25, 1896, Leake County, Mississippi.
    v.    GILBERT "UNCLE BIRD" BIRD SIMPSON, b. December 28, 1815, Tennessee; d. May 02, 1885, Leake County, Mississippi.

1850 and 1860 census shows Gilbert Bird and John Rice living together.  Gilbert was never married.  1850 both were farmers.  Gilbert had real estate valued at $200.  Both were farmers in 1860, but real estate was valued at $400 each and personal property was valued at $600 each.

17.    vi.    MALACHI HENRY "KYE" SIMPSON, b. March 21, 1818, Rutherford County Tennessee; d. August 21, 1887, Leake County, Mississippi.
18.    vii.    HUGH H. SIMPSON, b. 1820, Tennessee.

5.  MALACHI2 SIMPSON (GILBERT1) was born April 05, 1785 in South Carolina, and died March 1850 in Lawrence County, Arkansas.  He married (1) DELILAH "DULCY" ALICE WILLIAMS December 05, 1805 in Ogelthorp County, Georgia.  He married (2) DELILAH ? Aft. 1830.

Moved from Franklin County Tennessee to Lawerence County Arkansas in about 1834.

Book on Malachi Simpson "Family History of My Ancestors" by Mrs. Ulys Jackson (Mary Ruth Simpson) in Arkansas.

The home built by Malachi Simpson in a hill overlooking Strawberry River four miles north of Poughkeepsie after he moved with his family from Tennessee to Lawrence County Arkansas about 1833, is now one of the HISTORIC HOMES IN THE BATESVILLE, ARKANSAS AREA.  Descendents of this family, Mary Louise Barnett Hathcock, Ira Nelson Barnett III, and  Charles W. Barnett bought this log house in 1943.  At this time the house was being used for a hay barn.  The logs were numbered, taken down, and rebuilt, as nearly as possible to the original structure.  All the logs were in remarkable state of preservation.  This home is now the home of Mrs. Mary Louise Barnett Hathcock.  It is used for family gatherings and public entertainment (from book on decedents of Malachi Simpson by Ulys Jackson.

Malachi's second was also named Delilah. 

Notes for DELILAH ?:
Both of Malachi's wives were named Delilah.  This one (#2) was formally married to Thomas Jackson.  Thomas Jackson--his wife, Delilah, married Malachi Simpson.

19.    i.    ABIJAH ALLEN3 SIMPSON, b. December 04, 1806, Ogelthorpe County Georgia; d. 1853.
20.    ii.    RICE WILSON SIMPSON, b. September 30, 1808, Ogelthorp County, Georgia; d. March 14, 1883, Polk County, Oregon.
21.    iii.    WILLIAM GREEN GILBERT SIMPSON, b. November 15, 1809, Georgia; d. The Dalles, Oregon.
22.    iv.    ISAAC MIDDLETON SIMPSON, b. January 04, 1813, Franklin County, Tennessee; d. July 11, 1887, Airlie, Polk County, Oregon.
    v.    SUSANNAH SIMPSON, b. April 10, 1814; m. HENRY KING, September 25, 1834, Lawrence County, Arkansas.
    vi.    ELIZABETH G. SIMPSON, b. October 02, 1816; d. August 22, 1817.

Jackson records list a Elizabeth Simpson (F) as daughter of Malachi Simpson (b. 1785) and Delilah Dulcy Alice Williams (1887).   Kincaide list an Eli Simpson (M) with the same birth date 2 oct. 1816.

23.    vii.    ELBERT RYAN SIMPSON, b. October 13, 1818; d. Bef. 1850.
24.    viii.    GREEN BERRY SIMPSON, b. May 11, 1818, Georgia; d. February 02, 1892, Corvallis, Oregon.
25.    ix.    MALANA SIMPSON, b. April 28, 1822, Franklin County, Tennessee; d. January 19, 1901, Portland, Oregon.
    x.    SELENA SIMPSON, b. April 18, 1824; d. 1854; m. G. W. ADAMS.
    xi.    WILEY NEWTON SIMPSON, b. September 04, 1826.
    xii.    CALVIN L. SIMPSON, b. May 26, 1830, Franklin County, Tennessee; m. J. B. ZILPA.

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