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Tennessee, Wilson County

Wilson Co., Tennessee (formed 1799 from Sumner County)

1801 Andrew Simson and William Simpson signed a petition regarding the annexation of Wilson & Smith Counties (TN petitions Vol. 1, pp. 81, 82) Archibald Simpson married Mary Curry ca. 1801 (Article by Bonnie Simpson Valko in The Simpson Clan Spring 2003)

1801 March 24 Archibald Simpson (probably from Hawkins Co., TN) purchased 140 acres on Round Lick (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1801 April 30 Archibald Simpson sold 23 acres on Round Lick to John Harod (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1801 May 4 Archibald Simpson bought 18 acres on Round Lick (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1803 tax list William Simpson, Archibald Simpson in Capt. Wood’s District (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1806 tax list William Simpson, Archibald Simpson in Capt. Robert Branch’s district (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1806 tax list John Herrod, five Sherrell families and Peter Simspon in Capt. Roseborough’s District, the Sherrills came from the Catawba River area of NC (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1807 tax list Peter R. Simpson and Daniel Gough (husband of Sarah Simpson) (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1807 Feb. 21 Archibald Simpson sold his remaining land on Round Lick to John Alexander and probably moved to Gibson Co., Indiana for 1820 census (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1808 January 8 Samuel Simpson born (died 14 Feb. 1877 Humphreys Co., TN) married Evelina B. Coldwell (per email) on 1850 Gibson Co., Indiana census with children Sarah, Alexander and Edward G. Simpson (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)
1811 March 1 Power of Attorney in suit between Jacob Mileham and William Simpson plaintiffs and Joseph Branch, defendant of Halifax Co., NC, William Simpson of Bedford Co., TN, signed by Jacob Mileham, William Simpson and Archibald Simpson. Wit: Robert Alexander and Ephraim Sherrill (article by Don Simpson Vol. X No. 4 Spring 1995)

1813 Jan. 28 John W. Simpson to Wm. Glenn, lot #13 in Sparta. Test: Robert Pucket, Alexander Lowrey. (Deed Books)

1817 December 16 Nathan Simpson and Polly S. Mitchel were married, surety Nathan Simpson and Henry B. McDonald, Wit: F.C. Crutcher

1829 May 7 Nathan Simpson to Robert Jennings, 102 acres on Fall Creek. Wit: J. Jennings (Wilson Co Deeds)

1830 Mar. 20 Henry Whitlow, admr. of Nathan Simpson dec’d to Wm. H. Smith, 47 acres on Falling Creek (Wilson Co Deeds)

1837 Robert Tate (son of John Tate Sr) dies and his will, prepared the previous year, is filed in Wilson County TN court. It lists the following heirs: sister Dorcas Simpson of Overton County, Tennessee, sister Mary Ragan of Washington County, Arkansas, brother Alfred Carter Tait of Overton County [TN], brother John Tait [John Tate] of McMinn County [TN], niece Margaret Simpson Ely of Overton County (dau of John), niece Nancy Jane Tait of McMinn County (dau of John), niece Elizabeth Tait "who is the daughter of Vincent Benham Tait of White County, Tennessee" (but does not list her two brothers), nephew Robert Tate Simpson of Overton County (son of Dorcas Tate Simpson; none of Robert's siblings are listed.). nephew James McDonald Tait of McMinn County (son of brother John) (Les Tate email

Tennessee, Sumner County

Sumner Co., Tennessee (formed 1786 from Davidson County)

1790 Thomas Simpson purchased land and was summonded from Sumner County for jury duty (1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements: Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties page 113, copy from Linda Bollinger)

1790 Oct. 26 Thomas Simpson and Alexander Robinson witnessed the will of Laurence Thompson (Sumner Co, TN Abstracts of Will Books 1 & 2)

1793 Dec. 31 Thomas Simpson, 450 acres, assignee of Edward Griffin, grant #2473 (NC grant, B-2 p. 196)

1794 Thomas Simpson, William Kennedy in Capt. Cantrell’s District

1799 Thomas & John Simpson signed a petition to divide Sumner Co. (TN Petitions Vol. 1 p. 58)

1799 July 27 James Simpson signed a petition (TN Petitions Vol. 1 p. 148)

1801 October 20 James, Charles & J. Elijah Simpson signed a petition (TN Petitions vol. 1 p. 152)

1806 July 20 Sales of estate of James Simpson, dec’d, by Robert Simpson, admr. Buyers: Robert Simpson, Isaac Simpson, Eliz. Simpson, widow Simpson, Charles Simpson, E. Simpson, Elijah Simpson, John Simpson, Nancy Simpson. (Sumner Co., TN Inventories, Settlements & Guardian Accts. P. 30-31)

1816 Mar. 7 John Simpson wrote his will mentioning wife, Elizabeth, Jane, Bennett and Gilliam. His heirs lived in Madison Co., Missouri

1819 John W. Simpson and Jane Montgomery were married Sumer Co., TN Abstracts of Will Books 1 & 2)

1834 John Simpson’s will was probated (see March 7, 1816)

Tennessee, Overton County

Overton Co., Tennessee (formed 1806 from Jackson County)

1806 James Simpson, Thomas Simpson Sen., John Simpson, identified as citizens of the extension of Jackson Counnty signed a petition to create a new county (Overton County?) (Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee)

1813 Sept23 Thomas Simpson signed a petition formed by citizens of Monroe regarding the selling of town lots. (Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee, petition #6-1-1813)

1816 Sept. term John Tate (Sr) legitimizes Dorcas Tate Simpson (wife of Thomas Simpson) and Samuel Tate. John testified that he had these legitimate children "previous to his intermarriage with his present wife." John had married Elizabeth Parkinson (aka Parkeson/Parkison) in 1789 when she was about 20. The birthdates of the legitimized Samuel and Dorcas are not known with certainty; therefore they may or may not be Elizabeth's. For now, their mother is noted as "unknown". They would, however, be older than John and Elizabeth's other children. (Overton County, TN, Circuit Court Minutes, Sept. Term 1816, page 59 per Les Tate email address See Wilson County, Tennessee for more)

1840 Thomas Simpson: 2 males 10-14, 1 male 20-29, 1 male 50-59, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 15-19, 1 female 50-59 (Source Overton County TN census, pg 22-B and 23-A. (facing pages) provided by Les Tate email address

1848 Thomas Simpson’s wife, Dorcas Tate Simpson died (Les Tate email address

1850 Simpson, Thomas, 68, farmer, $900 real estate, VA, Eliza, 20, TN (said to be Thomas' wife), Sarah, 6 months, TN (1850 Overton County TN census, 5th District, page 33-A per Les Tate email address Thomas Simpson, District 10, 65, Male, Black, 44, Female, Black, 31, Male, Black, 21, Female, Black, (Les Tate email address

1850 Aug 4 Thomas Simpson, widower of Dorcas Tate, remarried to Eliza, Overton County TN. The following seems to implicate Eliza Simpson, who is listed in the 1850 household of Thomas Simpson, in a divorce action. Overton County TN Court Record: DIVORCES Mary M. BILBREY vs Isham M. BILBREY filed 2 Feb 1852. Married in Overton Co, TN 4 Aug 1850. Adultery with Aliza SIMPSON (Les Tate email address

1850-1860 Thomas Simpson probably died between 1850 and 1860 He does not appear in the 1860 TN census and likely died before then. Place of death appears to be Overton County TN. Other researchers indicate he died in 1851 (Les Tate email address

Tennessee, Claiborne County

Claiborne Co., Tennessee (formed 1801from Grainger and Hawkins Counties)

1818, Samuel Tate, deceased, Thomas Simpson, Executor. Deed of land to John Tate, son of Samuel Tate. (Les Tate email address See Overton County for more