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Rowan Co., North Carolina

Rowan Co., North Carolina was formed 1753 from Anson County

1755 William Simpson, Constable (from Linda Bollinger)

1762 William Simpson land grant Bk 5, pp. 47-48, 26 Aug. 1762, 221 acres on the west side of Catawba River adj. Isaac Perkins and Adam Perkins, sold 23 Sept. 1767 to Griffith Rutherford (Don Simpson research report #10, June 1997).

1772 Robert Simmeson and Benjamin Simson each had one tithable on the tax list (Rowan County Register Vol. II, Jo White Linn, Editor – found by Linda Bollinger)

1773 Reuben Simpson was baptized at the Church on the Catawba, NC (from Linda Bollinger)

1778 Feb. 17 James Curry entered 400 acres, border, James McDaniel and William Simpson on one side and Philip Club and Richard Wilson on the other side. Includes some headwaters of Potts Creek (Abstracts of Land Entries, Rowan Co., NC by Albert Pruitt – found by Linda Bollinger)

1778 Aug. 10 Benjamin Simpson entered 300 acres on Long Run, waters of Potts Creek, border, Henry Sloan, includes his own improvements. (Abstracts of Land Entries, Rowan Co., NC 1778 by Albert Pruitt)

1780/1781 Several Independent Companies on the Provincial Establishment were attempted in 1780/1781. One was to be commanded by Captain Reuben SIMPSON, of which we know nothing other than it was to be raised in Rowan County, where SIMPSON was from. (Loyalist Institute: An Introduction to North Carolina Loyalist Units found by Linda Bollinger)

1784 Nov. 4 Benjamin Simpson, 300 acres on Potts Creek adj. John Sloan and Michael Miller (State Grant #583 Rowan Co., NC Deeds found by Linda Bollinger)

1786 Benjamin Simpson on Potts Creek adj. James Curry, Rodfrey Ratz and Richard Wilson. (State Grant #583, Rowan Co Deeds found by Linda Bollinger)

1793 Robert Simeson served on a Grand Jury (Minutes of the Court of P&Qs, Feb. 1793)

1796 Benjamin Simson signed a petition in favor of dividing Rowan County (Rowan County Register, Volume 14, No. 1, February 1999)

1787 James Simpson entered land on middle fork of Bear Creek, Daniel and Squire Boone were south of him on Bear Creek (Fred Hughes’ map of Davie Co., NC)

1796 May 5 Ross Simson apptd gdn to Winnifred Adams under £100 bond with Henry Clement security. Ross Simson apptd gdn of James Simpson, orphan of John Adams 5 May 1796 under £100 bond with Henry Clement security. (Linda Bollinger)

1787 Oct. 1 Simson, John and Rachel Wills; John Bussell, bondsman. Note: John Adams was married to Winnifred Bussell (From Linda Bollinger)

1823 William Simpson, 1 WP on tax list of Capt. Lentz’s Company (Rowan Co Register, v. 16 No. 4, Nov. 2001, p. 3747)


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