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Pennsylvania: Lancaster County

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania was formed 1729 from Chester Co., Pennsylvania

1683 John Simpson had tobacco worth 100 pounds sterling. He was a colonel in Cromwell’s army who never returned to Britain. This area was Cecil Co., Maryland at that time. (Bonnie Simpson-Valko)

1732 ca. Robert Simpson born ("This is my 3rd great grandfather and the son of Allen Simson of Londonderry Twp. Chester Co.,PA. Robert is mentioned in his father's will, but disappears after that and so far as I can find, he must have left PA at an early time, but where did he go? I have tracked our Dinwiddies to Greenbrier Co.,VA which is now in W.V. but still no Robert Simpson. There are other Robert Simpsons in PA, but the dates do not match----my Robert would have been already dead by then." 1782 - Bonnie Simpson-Valko)

1753 April 21 Samuel Simpson land warrant 200 acres (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1771 February 9 John Simpson was among others accused of rioting at Wyoming in what was called “The Paxtang Boys Insurrection against the Indians”. (Simpson Families from Albert Carr) ("One of the other people who took part in this was Lazaus Stewart; James Simpson married his daughter, Mary." -Bonnie Simpson-Valko)

1771 Samuel Simpson of Martic Twp. was on the tax list with 200 acres (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1772 Samuel Simpson of Martic Twp. was on the tax list with 200 acres Also on the list were Jno. Simpson of Martic, freeman, and Samuel Simpson of Esher Town, Freeman (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1773 January 15 John Simpson land warrant for 100 acres, William Simpson 30 acres (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1774 June 30 John Simpson land warrant, 135 acres (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1776 August 13 “In Capt. John Boyd’s Co., Col. Porter’s Battalion on march for camp in the Jerseys is Private John Simpson and Ensign Peter Simpson” (Simpson Families from Albert Carr) "Peter Simpson is listed as one of the nine sons of John Simpson of Northern Ireland, who came over to PA. I found Peter's genealogy in a book on Kentucky Families. Peter would later settle in Jessamine Co., KY. I have his will, which I have to find." -Bonnie Simpson-Valko) The following was located on the web Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 5th ed., 1887, Jessamine Co. "WILLIAM SIMPSON (deceased). The most excellent philosophers are not those who have dealt in splendid speculations, and looked down upon the ordinary concerns of men as things beneath their notice, but those who have felt their interest to be united with the welfare of the whole community and bent their principal attention to things of real public utility. Such a man was William Simpson. He was for more than fifty years an extensive farmer, and was devoted to the interests of Jessamine County. By a wise economy and honorable industry he accumulated a large fortune in lands and money. Mr. Simpson was the second son of Peter Simpson, a man who served his country bravely in the struggle for independence. William Simpson was born in Virginia, December 22, 1795, and died April 2, 1869. In 1827 he was united in marriage with Miss Letitia Young, by whom he had six children--three sons and three daughters. He was of Scotch-Irish descent, and came with his father to Jessamine County, Ky., when he was only three years old. Peter Simpson was the youngest son of John Simpson, born in the North of Ireland about 1735. Peter Simpson was born near Philadelphia, Penn., and settled in the valley of Virginia; six years afterward (1798) he immigrated to Kentucky, where he reared a large family. He died in 1832. He had a brother, John Simpson, who lived and died in Pennsylvania. This John Simpson was the father of Hannah Simpson, who married Jesse R. Grant. John Simpson was the maternal grandfather of Gen. Grant. Of the children born to the late William Simpson the following are living: Mrs. Elizabeth Beasley, Mrs. James Simpson, Mrs. Henrietta McDowell, Mrs. Martha Bradshaw and William. Miss Martha Simpson was first married in 1853, and had two children: Mary (now the wife of Rudolph Wieser, contractor of Fayette County) and Samuel Lusk, who was born in 1863 and died in 1873, just after graduating from the Lexington College of Arts. In 1863 Martha was married to J. C. Bradshaw, she is an intelligent lady; has a pretty residence in Nicholasville and also owns 250 acres of farming land. Fayette-KY Philadelphia-Philadelphia-PA VA reland" (

1777 Peter Simpson was Ensign of 4th Co., 2d Batt., Martic Twp. (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1777 November 5 John Simpson was a private on the list of Capt. Martin Weaver’s Company of the militia (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1779 Samuel Simpson of Martic Twp was on the tax list with 200 acres (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1780 John Simpson was 5th class in Capt. Wm. Smith’s Company (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1780 August 26 Peter Simpson was Lieut of 7th Co., 6th Batt. (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1781 John Simpson was 4th class in 1st Battalion guarding British prisoners (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1781 June Peter Simpson, Lieut. Of 7th Co., 6th Batt., Col. Taylor. He was on the roll of white males in Martic Twp. Samuel Simpson, Jr. was in 8th cl. 7th Co., 6th Batt., and on the roll of white males in Martic Twp. (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1782 Samuel Simpson of Martic Twp was on the tax list with 200 acres. Another Samuel Simpson, freeman, was listed along with Peter Simpson of Martic Twp., freeman (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1783 May 12 “At an election held at Samuel Simpson’s in Martic Twp., Peter Simpson was elected Lieut. (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1785 March 21 Joseph Simpson land warrant for 250 acres in Derry Twp (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

1790 August 4 Samuel Simpson had a warrant for 130 acres (Simpson Families from Albert Carr)

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