Monday, February 18, 2008

Tennessee, Sumner County

Sumner Co., Tennessee (formed 1786 from Davidson County)

1790 Thomas Simpson purchased land and was summonded from Sumner County for jury duty (1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements: Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties page 113, copy from Linda Bollinger)

1790 Oct. 26 Thomas Simpson and Alexander Robinson witnessed the will of Laurence Thompson (Sumner Co, TN Abstracts of Will Books 1 & 2)

1793 Dec. 31 Thomas Simpson, 450 acres, assignee of Edward Griffin, grant #2473 (NC grant, B-2 p. 196)

1794 Thomas Simpson, William Kennedy in Capt. Cantrell’s District

1799 Thomas & John Simpson signed a petition to divide Sumner Co. (TN Petitions Vol. 1 p. 58)

1799 July 27 James Simpson signed a petition (TN Petitions Vol. 1 p. 148)

1801 October 20 James, Charles & J. Elijah Simpson signed a petition (TN Petitions vol. 1 p. 152)

1806 July 20 Sales of estate of James Simpson, dec’d, by Robert Simpson, admr. Buyers: Robert Simpson, Isaac Simpson, Eliz. Simpson, widow Simpson, Charles Simpson, E. Simpson, Elijah Simpson, John Simpson, Nancy Simpson. (Sumner Co., TN Inventories, Settlements & Guardian Accts. P. 30-31)

1816 Mar. 7 John Simpson wrote his will mentioning wife, Elizabeth, Jane, Bennett and Gilliam. His heirs lived in Madison Co., Missouri

1819 John W. Simpson and Jane Montgomery were married Sumer Co., TN Abstracts of Will Books 1 & 2)

1834 John Simpson’s will was probated (see March 7, 1816)

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