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Tennessee, Davidson Co

Davidson Co., Tennessee (formed 1783 from Washington District)

1780 May Hugh Simpson signed the Cumberland Compact (1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements: Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties page 113, copy from Linda Bollinger)

1788 October 7 William Simpson’s wife presented his nuncupative will in court. She was pregnant and they also had children named Gabriel, William, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth. His estate inventory was delivered to court January 1797 by John Kennedy, administrator “in right of his wife”. (copy from Linda Bollinger) Lavinia Simpson gives deposition concerning the nuncupative will made by her husband, William Simpson. She and the child she was pregnant with and his two sons Gabriel and William Simpson should have the whole of the land whereon they then lived. He desired that the lands on Harpeth be equally divided among his three daughters, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth. Sworn to before Sam’l Barton. (Tennessee Genealogical Records: Records of Early Settlers from State and County Archives by Edythe Rucker Whitley)

1791 January 7 Will of Andrew Simpson made 8 April 1789, filed 7 January 1791. To Levice Simpson, formerly the wife of William Simpson, dec. and to her daughter Mary Simpson, my plantation, etc. “all land lying in Chesterfield Co., Virginia, about 15 miles from Richmond on the waters of Falling Creek on the Buckingham Road. To my four children, Elizabeth, Keane, Mary and Andrew Simpson.” (Tennessee Genealogical Records: Records of Early Settlers from State and County Archives by Edythe Rucker Whitley page 211)

1791 May 24 John Boyd Sr. of Davidson County sells to Levecia Simpson of said county a negro girl.

1796 August 6 John Kennedy and Louisa Simpson were married. (Davidson Co., TN First Marriage Record Book)

1796 October 13 John Kennedy “in right of his wife” was appointed administrator, dower laid off to the widow. She is now Levinia Kennedy. Guardian appointed for Alexander Simpson, orphan of William (from Davidson Co., Tennessee, court minutes courtesy of Linda Bollinger). (An Alexander and Isaac Simpson were in Warren Co., TN in 1820 per census and petition.) Andrew Simpson’s daughter-in-law, Levinia, married John Kennedy after the death of William Simpson in Davidson Co., TN. Also Andrew owned a plantation near Richmond, Virginia per his will, he also owned a lot of land in Greene Co., TN but it wasn’t mentioned in his will. Andrew Simpson had a land grant in the same area as John Simpson. (from Barbara Baker)

1801 April 6 Thomas Simpson married Drusilla Verra (Davidson Co., TN First Marriage Record Book)


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