Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tennessee, White County

White Co., Tennessee (formed 1806 from Overton, Jackson and Smith)

1800 Thomas and his brother William Wesley Hash came to White County in early 1800 and built a cabin west of Calfkiller River. These brothers hunted and explored, going back and forth to NC. When they returned to Tennessee they found that Daniel Walling had obtained title to their Calfkiller site during their absence. Richard Simpson married Louisa Hash, 7th child of Thomas. (Warren County Story)

1813 J.W. Simpson signed a petition requesting that old revolutionary soldiers to meet and train the troops and John W Simpson signed a petition opposing the creation of a toll-gate on the road leading from the Bledsoe Courthouwe, across Cumberland Mountain, to William Crane’s. (Petition #21-3-1813)

1813 Petition to authorize Maj. John W. Simpson to continue the upkeep of the turnpike which he opened in 1809 (Petiton to the assembly #23-3-1813

1814 James Simpson of White County to William Morrison, negro girl named Cherry, 18 years. Attest: Eli Sims, Henry Lyda (Wilson Co Deed Book)

1818 Apr. 13 James Simpson, 10 acres, (Grant #11464 Bk. P, pg. 69)

1820 census James Simpson (Don Simpson research report #8, September 1996)

1826 Nov. 4 James Simpson, 18 acres (Grant #1828)

1827 James Simpson’s will mentioned wife Elizabeth, granddaughter Polly Simpson, daughter of “my daughter Elizabeth Simpson, dec’d; sons William and Randal and daughter Rodale Ledbetter, wife of Geo. M. Ledbetter. (T.J. Barnes Papers from TSLA)

1830 census James Simpson (Don Simpson research report #8, September 1996), Thos. Simpson (00001-00001), John W. Simpson (0000001-120001)

1836 Apr. 12 John Simpson bought land from George Allen (Deed Book I, Vol. 9, pg. 379-381)

1838 James H. Jenkins et al vs. William Simpson, original bill heard in White County Chancery Court. (Supreme Court Records, Box 60, Middle Tennessee Supreme Court Records: Second Series by Betsy Ragsdale and Gale Williams Bamman in Middle Tennessee Journal of Genealogy and History, Vol. XVII, No. 2/61, Fall 2003.)

1839 Aug. 9 William Simpson of White Co to Thomas T. Crowder, sold land John Simpson had purchased from George Allen in 1836. (Deed Bk. I, Vol. 9, p. 379-381)

1840 census James Simpson (Don Simpson research report #8, September 1996)

1850 census James Simpson age 81, born PA (Don Simpson research report #8, September 1996) John W. Simpson, age 61, born NC and Jane age 58 born NC (Don Simpson research report #9, August 1996)

1854 June James Simpson will named Bartlett, John, Freeland, Locky

1862 March 6 John W. Simpson died, W.M. Simpson admr. (Don Simpson research report #9, August 1996)

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