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Kentucky: Lincoln County

Lincoln Co., Kentucky was formed 1780 from Kentucky Co., Virginia

1781 – 1785 Lincoln Co., KY David Simpson obtained land grant of 200 acres surveyed 11 Feb. 1783 on the waters of Paint Lick, corner of Morrison’s survey of 200 acres, line of William Hudson’s heirs settlement land, corner of said Simpson’s other survey, corner of Samuel Haden’s, line of Amos Ross, James Morrison’s line (Virginia Grants Book X, p. 314)

1781 Richard Simpson, 500 acres, William Simpson 500 acres (from Reva Bruhn)

1784 Richard Simpson 500 acres (from Reva Bruhn)

1784 November 2 John Simpson served on a jury (Order Book A p. 41)

1785 September 23 Dedimus awarded William Thompson to take the deposition of Sarah Simpson as a witness for him at the suit of Ross and Hook. (Order Book A p. 252)

1787 Agnes Simpson (widow of William Simpson) was listed as a tithable (Bonnie Simpson Valko)

1789 March 16 Thomas Simpson served on a jury. (Order Book D p. 54)

1789 June 20 Thomas Simpson v. Jacob Myers in Chancery. (Order Book D p. 158)

1789 September 18 Stephen Langford, assignee of Richard Thurman who was assignee of William Simspon who was assignee of Moses Darnall v. Vivion Goodloe on debt. (Order Book D p. 246)

1790 March 3 Thomas Simpson v. Jacob Myers in Chancery. (Order Book D p. 347)

1791 October 12 John Simpson v. John Davenport, Burwell Jackson and Philip Caldwell on debt. (Order Book F p. 45)

1792 March 14 Thomas Simpson v. Jacob Myers and others in Chancery. (Order Book F p. 225)

1796 George Portman in land records from 1796-1806 on Green River (from Reva Bruhn)

1800 Reuben Simpson Sr., George Portman, John Portman, John Portman, Sr. tax list (from Reva Bruhn)

1802 Nov 9 Samuel Simpson married Margaret Portman, daughter of John Portman (from Reva Bruhn)

1803 George Portman married Patsy Coffee (George’s sister, Margaret married Samuel Simpson in 1802, their father was an immigrant and a Baptist minister - from Reva Bruhn)

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