Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maryland: Cecil County

Cecil County, Maryland was formed in 1674 from Kent Co., Maryland

1683 John Simpson had tobacco worth 100 pounds sterling. He was a colonel in Cromwell’s army who never returned to Britain. This area of Cecil County became part of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. (Bonnie Simpson-Valko)

1683 From a booklet "Indian Paths of the Delmarva Peninsula" is a reprint of an article by William B. Marye in which a record from Maryland Land Office Chancery Court Proceedings Liber P L nr 3, folio 951. One of the depositions was made in 1723 by William Boulding of Cecil County, aged about 57 years. In it he said that, "about forty years ago he was hunting in the woods and met Mr. Casparus Herman, Abraham Enloes, Richard Simpson, John Peerson and two negroes who had cleared a path from the place where the road from the manor now crosses Back Creek Run towards Newcastle" The manor referred to was Bohemia Manor which was the property of Mr. Herman. Don wasn't sure this was Richard Simpson of Swan Creek later in Baltimore County but thinks it is likely. Richard was probaby working as a hired hand

1726 Thomas Simpson was the eldest son of Thomas Simpson, late of Jamaica, and wife Ann who had remarried to Peter Vallete. Thomas mentioned his late divorced wife, Ann (the own daughter of Mary) the widow of Jeremiah Pearce, late of the city of Bristol in Great Britain (Wills, Liber 19, folio 649 published in To Maryland from Overseas)

1732 abt. Robert Simpson born (Bonnie Simpson-Valko)

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