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Tennessee, Greene County

Greene Co., Tennessee (formed 1783 from Washington District)

1783 November Mary Simpson appt’d adm. of Samuel Simpson’s estate, bond Asabel Rawlings, James Wilson & Dan’l Kennedy appraisers (Don Simpson’s unpublished report #8, September 1996 page 2, NCGSJ Vol. III No. 1 p. 42 & NC Genealogical Society Journal Vol. III, No. 1 February 1977, p. 42)

1783 tax list James Simpson, James Simpson, Mary Simpson, Reuben Simpson, Adam Sherrell, John Sherrell, Phillip Sherrell, Samuel Sherrill, Samuel Sherrell, Jr. (from June Baldwin Bork) Reuben was in the 3rd District which included land between the Nolichucky and French Broad Rivers (Don Simpson research report #10, June 1997)

1783 October Reuben Simpson applied for land warrant on the south side of French Broad River (Don Simpson research report #10, June 1997) Note from Julia Rather, Archivist IIII: I checked the 1809 Tennessee Acts and did not find Reuben Simpson October 2, 1809 TO: The Honorable General Assembly now sitting---- the Memorial of Reuben Simpson humbly showeth that in the year 1783 and month of October, he to enter 450 acres lying in the bounty of Greene Co. on the south side of French Broad River, and had the said location together with forty-five pounds Specie Certificate and the office fees deposit in the office comonly called John Armstrong, thee to be duly entered on the books of said office. Your Memorialist states that some time after the location was lodged in the office aforesaid, application was made for the Warrant, and was informed by one of the clerks of said office that General Rutherford had (gosbed?) the entry form being entered at that time, but directed that he would call on some other time when the entry taker might be present. Your Memorialist states that he never afterwards called on the office, but did send for the Warrant and received for answer, that it was not entered on the books, and still understands the entry is not to be found on either the origin books, not the transcript taken by the agent of this state, and that the specie and money is still in the entry office, or the state of N. Carolina and for which he has never received any satisfaction and therefore prays, your Honorable body will grant him such relief as you may deem expedient. Signed Reuben Simpson in script on the 12 October 1809. (Second page) State of Tennessee, Knox County, John Sevier esquire, came before me Archibald Rhea, a justice of the peace for the County aforesaid, and made oath that Reuben Simpson in the year 1783 and in the month of October, did send by him the sum of forty five pounds Specie Certificates, and also the money for the office fees together with a written location for four hundred and fifty acres of land in Greene County on the south side of French Broad River, and requested the deponant to make the entry by lodging the same with John Armstrong Entry Taker of Western lands which the depossoint declares was done in the aforesaid month of October and year 1783 and further maketh (outh?) that he has heard the said Reuben Simpson freqeuently since that time up to the present, complain that he could not obtain the warrant from the entry office, nor compensation for his specie certificate, or the money paid for office fees--Sworn to the 16th day of October 1809. Signed John Sevier before A. Rhea, Justice Peace, Knox County. (Found by Linda Bollinger)

1786 September 28 Reuben Simpson of Greene County sold 140 acres in Lincoln County on the west side of Catawba River “being part of Reuben Simpson’s plantation”, wit: Isaac Robinson and James Holzclaw (Don Simpson research report #10, June 1997)

1787 John Simpson and John Williams were chain bearers for surveying Andrew Simpson's NC Land Grant (from Barbara Baker)

1788 petition signed by Reuben Simpson, William Simpson and Joshua Simpson also Wm. Hamilton, Wm. Kennedy, Thomas Coldwell, Jonathan Cunningham and others (Petition of inhabitants of Greene Co, south of the French Broad, from Linda Bollinger)

1790 February Reuben Simpson served on a jury (Don Simpson research report #10, June 1997)

1790 June 11 John Simpson married Mary Haresha, security John Yauncey (LDS film #873923 found by Ruby Norton) (later in Humphreys Co., TN per Don Simpson) John Simpson who married Mary Harashaw in 1790 in Greene Co., TN moved to Barren Co., KY (that was not the name in 1801 as it changed later to Barren), and in about 1810 or thereafter he took up with his second wife Deborah without benefit of a divorce from Mary. Mary left Barren Co., KY sometime after the birth of her last child in 1813 for Missouri and I am wondering if she stopped in Humphreys Co., TN in about 1817 before moving on to Cole Co., Missouri in 1827. Her daughter Sarah Simpson married George Leslie in 1817 in Humphreys Co., TN. I have Deborah Simpson and her, both wives of John Simpson, pension applications (from Barbara Baker)

1794 11 Nov. Thomas Simpson married Agnes Blackwood, Sec. John Simpson. (LDS film #873923 found by Ruby Norton)

1794 Thomas Simpson was indicted by government. On the same date John Simpson was indicted by government for hog stealing but was found not guilty. (Greene Co., TN Courthouse minutes, found by Barbara Baker)

1795 November Thomas Simpson was indicted by Adam Starns for debt but was found not guilty. Also in Nov. 1795 John Simpson was indicted for debt by Adam Starns and found not guilty. John Simpson was indicted twice more by Adam Starns for debt and each time the jury found for the defendant. (Greene Co., TN Courthouse minutes, found by Barbara Baker)

1796 John Simpson was appointed as overseer of the road and in 1807 he was appointed again (source?) Thomas Simpson on road jury for a road from east fork of Camp Creek to Plumb Creek, an area in northern Greene County near the Hawkins County line (Don Simpson’s unpublished report #8, September 1996) Apparently both Thomas and John lived near each other on Plumb Creek. It looks like it is the same John who owned the land Henry Simpson sold in 1831 on Tilman's Creek (from Barbara Baker)

1796 Thomas Simpson married Catherine Kennedy, Sec James Lloyd (LDS film #873923 found by Ruby Norton) Thomas Simpson was the son of Samuel Simpson and Rebecca Morrow. He was born about 1770 in Botetourt Co., Virginia and married his first cousin, Catherine Kennedy about 1800. She was the granddaughter of Rev. Thomas Kennedy, and his wife Jane Gilkerson. Thomas Simpson and wife both died between 1840 and 1848 in Wayne Co., Kentucky. (The Simpson Family of America, author unknown, not dated, copy sent by Shirlie R. Simpson.)

1797 Thomas Simpson signed as a witness when John Simpson bought land from William Galbreath

1797 May 9 Peter Reader and wife, George Pierce and Reuben Simpson forfeits according to Act of Assemby. (from Barbara Baker and Linda Bollinger)

1800 May 27 deed James Guthrie & Archibald Simpson To George Maxwell, this deed was registered in Hawkins County but James Guthrie was from Greene Co. TN (from Barbara Baker)

1806 Not sure of the county but this petition was signed by an Andrew Blackwood and James Simson and Thos Simpson (note a Thomas Simpson married Agnes Blackwood. This petition was complaining about Kentuckians letting their cattle graze on lands in Tennessee. No county was identified. (Petitions to the state legislature)

1807 Reuben Simpson divorced from wife Polly (she might have been a Thompson) She filed for divorce because Rueben had left her and she returned to live with her father. (from Barbara Baker).

1809 Jno? Simsen signed a petition of citizens south of the French Broad and Holston (Legislative petitions)

1809 Oct 12 Reubin Simpson petitioned for “redress in his complaint against John Armstrong’s land office. In 1783 he located 450 acres of land in Greene County on the south side of the French Broad River and afterward applied for a warrant. Although he was paid for the land and the entry fees, he has never received a land warrant or been refunded money.

1813 Capt. William Simpson in Militia in 1813 (from Barbara Baker)

1826 Dec 18 James Simpson married Nelly Britton (LDS film #944386 found by Ruby Norton)

1830 census Thomas Simpson age 60-70

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