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North Carolina: Burke County

Burke Co., North Carolina (formed 1777 from western Rowan, adjoined Tennessee state line)

1777 Thomas Simpson bondsman for Mary Kennedy, other bondsman: Leroy Taylor, deceased not named (From Burke Co., NC Land Records, 1779-1790 and Important Misc. Records 1777-1800, Vol II, p 273: Misc. Estates 1777-1795, courtesy of Linda Bollinger) Thomas Kennedy of Silver Creek was a Captain in the Revolutionary War (Burke: The History of a North Carolina County 1777-1920 With a Glimpse Beyond) by Edward William Phifer, Jr. page 309.

1777 probate record requested by Mary Kennedy, signed by Samuel Simpson and Leeroy Taylor, record in bad shape and does not include the given name of the deceased. (from Jayne McCarley (Don Simpson’s unpublished research report #8, September 1996 page 2)

1777 - 1783 Thomas Simpson, land probably on Upper Creek (Don Simpson’s research report #9, August 1996)

1778, 29 Dec Burke Co., NC Thomas Simpson mentioned in land record near John Perkins, Thomas Davenport and Jonathan Gilbert and Thomas White Jr.

1778 December 29 Samuel Simpson was issued a grant of 200 acres on the south fork of Warrior Fork of Johns River adj. John Perkins, Thomas Davenport, Jonathan Gilbert and Thomas White Jr. (now in Avery Co.) (Don Simpson Report No. 3 June 1995) this land was signed over to Perminus Taylor, chain carriers were Edward Benbow and Joshua Gilbert (Don Simpson’s unpublished report #8, September 1996 page 2)

1778 16 December William Simpson, 100 acres, Bolls Creek joining Abraham Robinson Burke County Land Records Vol. I, So. Hist. Press, pg. 114, #1224 page 403 (Sarah Simpson married 24 September 1744 Baltimore Co., Maryland to Abraham Robinson.)

1779 William Osborn volunteered as a mounted militia man under Captain William Adams and Lieutenant William Simpson for a tour of three months. Ca 1801 William Osborn moved from Burke Co., NC to Scott Co., KY. (Rev. War Pension Papers of William Osborn per Linda Bollinger)

1779 June 24 land surveyed by William White for John Simpson, 150 acres at Mill Fork and Upper Creek, Mill Fork is probably the branch of Upper Creek that was later known as Simpson Fork, chain carriers Joseph Cople and James Simpson (Don Simpson’s unpublished report #8, September 1996)
1780 John Simpson, Thomas Simpson and Jonathon Robinson indicted by grand jury as Tories. (Tories in Southwestern, North Carolina courtesy of Linda Bollinger)

1782 November 12 Thomas Simpson and John Simpson, subpoena docket for tories witnesses for Thomas Simpson were Thomas Mackey of Silver Creek and William White (Silver Creek enters the south side of the Catawba River in Morgantown), witnesses for John Simpson were Thomas White Sr., David Baker and Jacob Anthony (residents of Upper Creek) (Don Simpson’s research report #9, August 1996)

1785 Burke Co., NC Thos. Simpson vs. Abraham Reese (Misc. papers of Civil & Criminal Cases 1755-1790) Note: Abraham Reese born 11 June 1744, Balto. Co., Maryland, son of Daniel Reese and Elizabeth Knight.

1786 November 16 Thomas Simpson, silversmith, vs. Robert Adams, (Don Simpson research report #9, August 1996)

1786 December 15 Thomas Simpson and John Simpson and other inhabitants of the Three Creeks area (Upper Creek, Middle Creek aka Johns River and Lower Creek) signed a petition (Don Simpson research report #9, August 1996)

1787 April Thomas Simpson vs. Robert Adams, Thos. Simpson juror in trial of overseer of the road from Little Silver Creek to the Pleasant Gardens (Don Simpson’s research report #9, August 1996) Joshua Sherrill (from Reva Bruhn)

1788 July Thomas Simpson vs Robert Adams, Joseph White, Jacob Anthony (Don Simpson’s research report #9, August 1996)

1789, 20 Feb. John W. Simpson was born per his War of 1812 records. He later resided in White Co., Tennessee

1790 James Simpson, (1 male over 16, 1 male under 16) and 1 female John Simpson (1 male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 3 females) probably lived on the North Fork of Upper Creek. Reuben White and Thomas White lived nearby. Thomas Simpson is NOT on this census. (Don Simpson’s research report #9, August 1996)

1794 Wm. Sherrill (from Reva Bruhn) and Thomas Simpson made oath in Burke Co., North Carolina that in 1794 he received a warrant for 4995 acres on Duck River adjoining Gen. Green’s land & that William White sent the warrant to Simpson’s house 17 November 1806 (Courtesy of Shirley Hopkins)

1794 Sept. 23 Robt & Wm. Tate entered 640 acres; border, south side of Simpson’s line on waters of Grassey Creek. (Burke County Land Entries 1778-1795 by Bruce Pruitt on page 109 of Journal of Burke Co. Gene. Soc., Vol. SSI No. IV, Nov. 2003)

1795 April 9 deed proven John Simpson to James Simpson, 150 acres (Don Simpson’s unpublished report #8, September 1996

1800 census no James or John Simpson, just Ralph Simpson age 26-45

1802 Capt. Samuell [sic] Simpson’s company reported a list of taxable men (Journal of Burke County Genealogical Society, Vol. XXIII No. 3, August 2005, page 71)

1806 November 17 Thomas Simpson made oath that about 1794 he received a warrant for 4995 acres on Duck River of Rutherford Co., Tennessee adjoining or opposite Gen. Greene’s land and that William White sent the warrant to Simpson’s house (Tennessee Genealogical Records: Records of Early Settlers from State and County Archives by Edythe Rucker Whitley)

1869 Aug 5 J. SIMPSON received 35 votes for the office of constable in Silver Creek township. His opponent got 82 votes. The following were on the voter rolls: Thos. SIMPSON, Bartlet SIMPSON, J.L. SIMPSON, Joe SIMPSON, J.J. SIMPSON (Journal of Burke County Genealogical Society Vol. XXVI, No. 3, August 2008, page 80.

1870 Jan.1 James I. Simpson, 50 acres on Catawba River adj. lands of Joseph Simpson, Samuel Simpson &; W.F. Avery et al (Journal of Burke Co. Gene Soc. V. XX No. 1, Feb. 2002, p. 10)

1870 Mar.8 James H. Curtis 100 acres on Brindle Branch, waters of little Silver Creek adj. lands of Joseph Simpson and Samuel Simpson and the heirs of John E. Butler (Journal of Burke Co. Gene Soc. V. XX No. 1, Feb. 2002, p. 10)

1870 March 24 Geo. M. Curtis and Jno. W. Simpson 640 acres on Catawba River adj. Henry M. Oneal and A.L. Greenlee and; W.F. Avery.

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