Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia County

Philadelphia County was an original county formed 1682

1759 February 11 John Simpson married Mary Johnson (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1761 December 29 John Simpson married Susannah Burnett (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1775 Samuel Simpson and Martha Day were married (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1777 April 23 James Simpson married Elizabeth McConnell (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1777 May 12 Thomas Simpson married Sarah Burns (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1779 November 8 William Simpson and Eleanor Gardner (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1781 May 30 Eleanor Simpson married John Fitzpatrick (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1787 August 14 Rachel Simpson married Martin Hights (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1789 March 17 William Linn of Jefferson Co., KY gave bond to Patrick Simpson of Philadelphia to make a deed. Witnesses: Phil Nolan and Donald Kennedy. (Early Kentucky Settlers: The Records of Jefferson Co., KY from the Filson Club History Quarterly, p. 378.)

1790, August 18 Amos Simpson married Rebecca Albertson (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1791 April 17 Margaret Simpson married James Duffy (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1793 October 8 Nancy Simpson married John McKechin (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1795 August 12 Stuart Simpson married Elizabeth Friend (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1796 April 10 Elizabeth Simpson married Henry Lewis Weiderholt (Marriages at Swedes Church)

1797 February 28 James Simpson married Elizabeth Rambo (Marriages at Swedes Church)

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